Building a Brighter Future

My Priorities

During the four years I’ve served as mayor, we have faced many  challenges together, and have made great progress in areas critical to  our city.

We have increased funding for roads and sidewalks and  made sure your taxpayer dollars are spent wisely to complete these  projects. We have improved our relationships with state and federal  government. In doing so, we have obtained additional funding for a  variety of local projects. Our local business climate and economy is  improving, with sustained growth each year, supported by job growth and new businesses.

In addition to the state and federal government, it’s been a priority  of my first term to work with our city and county neighbors, to lay the  groundwork for protecting us from the effects of city-wide flooding. We  have a lot to be proud of, but there is still a lot more work to be  done.

The struggles of homelessness and drug addiction are not just  an Aberdeen problem, but we can do more to fight for solutions both here  in Aberdeen and nationwide. We must continue to work with our neighbors  to address these challenges and create solutions which don’t victimize  not only those in need, but also our neighborhoods and local businesses.  I have taken bold actions to begin to address the public safety crisis  that this issue presents us. It is a complicated and difficult issue  that involves human beings that have fallen through the social safety  net that clearly has too many cracks as it is.

We must continue  to move our city forward — even when it is difficult and involves  change. Change can be positive. I will continue to focus on completing  the North Shore Levee flood protection project, which will enable more  residents to invest in their homes and for new ones to be created. I  will also continue to improve and replace our aging infrastructure,  replacing our police and fire stations so that they can better serve our  community and improve efficiency and safety.

I’m ready, and I ask for your vote to continue serving you in leading our city as we take on these challenges, together.